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Use Our Organic Skincare, You Can Have Beautiful, Luminous Skin With Just A Couple Of Minutes Of Easy, Daily Care.

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Mamiya Wellness is a Kerala based company which engaged in the marketing of 100% pure and toxic-free Herbal Cosmetic Products. Our formulations are scientifically balanced and natural. We furnish the finest range of herbal cosmetics which include Skin, Hair and Body Care products. To uphold our reputation among customers, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and refine our products and processes. We assure Purity, Quality, Safety and Efficacy through Ayurveda with advanced science. We offer our products under the brand name Mamiya Wellness.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide our customers with new and high-quality products at affordable prices while meeting their expectations. We ensure Quality, Purity, Safety and Efficacy through natural ingredients. The Mamiya Wellness offers accurate composition of happiness based on Ayurveda. We aim at achieving health and well-being of all through the ancient way of life.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as an eco-friendly brand that demand betterment of the world.

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Our Vision

Trust may be based on a feeling that you have the other person’s back when he or she is not in the room. It may be the confidence you will advocate the other person’s point of view with clarity and understanding. Honesty may be seen as transparency and openness- your willingness to communicate what you’re thinking or feeling, even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular. We try to incorporate both in our Business Models always.

Our Purity and Quality Testing  is first of its kind quality testing service, which offers quality and adulteration check for wide range of products. We ensure our customers to  that the products they apply meet the quality standards that their money buys. These products are then subjected to a number of tests in state of the art labs and a detailed analysis report is provided.

Social responsibility means that businesses, in addition to maximizing shareholder value, must act in a manner that benefits society. Social responsibility has become increasingly important to investors and consumers who seek investments that are not just profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment. We ensure that the Society benefits very much from our actions as well.

Passion is what drives you to succeed because you are completely dedicated to making your business work no matter how hard the process may be. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs do not have a passion for their businesses. They do not even have the passion for making money. They just like the idea of success. But at Mamiya we are Fully driven by the our Passion for Winning.

Customer orientation is a business approach that puts the needs of the customer over the needs of the business. Customer-oriented companies understand that the business won’t thrive unless it consistently improves customer focus. It’s a way of thinking that aligns your business goals with your customers’ goals. Here at Mamiya Wellness, we always think about our customer and customer satisfaction is very important for us.


Mamiya Papaya & Apple Facewash


Mamiya Skin Brightening Cream


Neem & Aloevera Facewash


Mamiya 3-in-1 Cream


Mamiya Lemon & Apricot Facewash


Mamiya Activated Charcoal Facewash


Mamiya Kesar Chandan Facewash


Mamiya Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+


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